When did BakonBot begin?

BakonBot started in November 21st, 2022. The developer created it for fun. 

Was the name copied?

The answer is surprisingly no. BakonBot was originally BaconBot but I didn't like the c there because I didn't want it there, so I just made it BakonBot. Same pronunciation though.

Is this meant to copy roblox bacon hair?

The answer is no. The developer's friend and soon unfriended and blocked him made a profile picture for him. It is a bacon hair character holding a gun. The developer has held on to that profile picture as it is a memory of his old friend. To make the classic profile picture of BakonBot, it just required the developer's profile picture to be zoomed into the head. If Roblox staff is reading this, please do not sue this project as for now, there is no way of profit, and this is not taking customers or clients away from your company.

Are there exclusive commands?

Yes. We require donations to host the bot. We do not get any profit. As gratitude for helping us keep our bot alive, we will provide you with commands that no other user is allowed to use unless they donate.